As a commercial artist, Veretta is a photographer who is "in the now" with contemporary concepts and digital execution. Her success in achieving quality classic film capture is based on her experience in proper lighting, exposure, color control, concise capture of an image based on a limited supply of film for each project’s budget, and attention to fashion detail in an era where film retouching was not always affordable.  

Whether in a studio or location setting, Veretta provides her own high-end professional equipment.  Her cameras include the digital Hasselblad P2 with 45+ digital back which provides high quality capture of all detail, particularly black shadow areas and white highlight areas.  She also has the newest Canon 5D Mark III, with the flexibility and ease of use currently popular with photographers in the fashion industry.   Lighting equipment includes Pro Foto strobe units with a wide range of modifers to meet each photographic need.  Lighting follows the artistic intent of the client and Veretta's extensive lighting experience always achieves their intended goal.  Veretta also prefers to shoot tethered to the computer, allowing client's visions to be viewed while in progress, always giving them the final approval of each particular item.

Once a session is completed, Veretta provides clients with jpeg images for selections.   For a small hourly fee, Veretta also provides retouching services as well as compositing, layout and design services for lookbooks, advertisements, sales photos, postcards, posters, and other materials, resulting in a flawless final marketing tool for the client.  When completed, the client is provided the final images in formats required for their marketing needs -- whether high rez tiffs for printing or jpegs suitable for emailing and web sites. 

All work by Veretta is done in an expedient and timely manner, in keeping with the fast-paced fashion industry.